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Welcome to the Astropolitics Collective. We are a loose affiliation of scholars and professionals who research and work on the politics of outer space. We are a mostly UK-based or UK-connected affiliation, and as the UK space sector is going from strength to strength it is time that political and policy-relevant scholarship caught up to it and the strengths the UK has in STEM in space. The Astropolitics Collective is currently run by Dr Bleddyn E. Bowen (University of Leicester) and Dr Mark Hilborne (King’s College London).

This site has no official affiliation to, and does not represent, any institution or organisation.

This website is where you can find information on who we are, what we’ve published, and what we’re up to. Individuals listed here represent only their own views. In time, we hope that this website can become an educational resource for students of astropolitics, and a contact list for other researchers and practitioners who want to get in touch with us.

With more states and non-state actors exploiting outer space, they throw up a whole host of political and security issues which provide a massive new field of activity for scholars to investigate. Space provides an invisible infrastructure for the global economy of the 21st century; without space, modern military forces would grind to a halt.

We’ve been living in the Space Age for 60 years. It’s time to study its politics.